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Sheila Rege, M.D.


I’m Dr. Sheila Rege, and I’m glad you stopped by.

In case you’re wondering, my name is pronounced “REGGAE,” like the genre of music. I’d like to tell you more about me and my practice.

There’s one thing I like hearing more than anything else in the world: a patient who has finished cancer treatment saying my team has helped – and how grateful they are to have us in the community today. I care deeply how patients are cared for in my rural area in Washington State.

That’s why my partner and I decided to open our own independent clinic in 2012 –so we could take care of patients the way we wanted our family members to be treated. Patients inspire me; and they are counting on us physicians to ensure they have access to the best care.

I have been involved in organized medicine through the AMA since my medical school days at UCLA. Together with my experience in academics as Director of Research at LSU – Shreveport, and in large groups, the AMA gave me the tools I needed to forge ahead with this new venture.

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Our clinic was the first of its kind to offer clinical trials and to get national accreditation.

A “Jill of all trades,” I had to wear marketing, problem solving, EMR expert, insurance negotiating, HR and also housecleaner hats at the clinic. We had some long hours at this startup at a time when changes like meaningful use, bundled payment and hospital/insurance consolidation were occurring. I also learned with all of these changes, innovative ideas and creative solutions allowed us to remain ahead of the curve.

Recently I put together a joint venture for our clinic with a large national physician-owned oncology group. This joint venture is transformational for both. I began an application for the Oncology Care Model for my small clinic but realized that the metrics sought would require collaboration with other groups. This led to my being at the table with Harold Miller and others from our AMA on behalf of my specialty for discussions about these newfangled “innovation” projects being tested.

Doing the bulk of the work in starting up the clinic in challenging times of healthcare reform has ensured that I cut my teeth at a single clinic level. My goal remains to provide the best patient care. However national changes to the system like MACRA, MIPS, APMS, HIPAA and EMR issues directly affect how I can take care of my patients.

All this made me realize that doctors like me, with firsthand knowledge of navigating these changes, have to step back from some of our patient care responsibilities to serve on state and national committees shaping the future of how we interact with our patients on a one-on-one level in the years to come. I continue to work on these issues on behalf of patients and physicians.