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Social Impact

Leadership within Medicine

    • AMA Council on Medical Service

    • Delegate, WA State AMA Delegation

    • Board member, WA State Medical Association

    • Specialty Advisor, AMA CPT

    • Chair of the Board of Chancellors, American College of Radiation Oncology

    • Chair, TC-LINC committee (we successfully developed EHR interoperability among 3 rival hospital systems in our community – see below)

    • Past President and current Board member, Benton Franklin County Medical Society

    • Past Board Member, and current member of the Claims and Risk Management Committee, Physicians Insurance

    • Chair, WA State Health Technology Clinical Committee

    • Claims and Risk Management Committee Member, Physicians Insurance


    • Chair, ACRO Government Relations and Economics Committee

    • President of the Board of Chancellors, ACRO

    • Health Policy Committee, ASTRO

    • Vice-Chair, WA State Delegation



Several young physicians have had inquiries from MQAC (the State agency responsible for investigating the complaint’s merit and when appropriate, disciplining the physician). I can work through the local medical society and our local state insurance company to provide access to resources and give advice to help resolve these.

My husband and I are involved at the local Boys and Girls Club; where a group of us mentor young children who generally come from households facing difficulty (e.g. alcoholism, drug use, homelessness). Previously, my husband and I volunteered at the ARC which is for handicapped children including autism.

2017 - Present

Serves on the WA Health Technology Clinical Committee (HTCC) with other active practicing physician leaders. We physicians provide evidence-based recommendations for state purchased health care programs including Medicaid, Uniform Medical Plan and the Department of Labor and Industries. I was recently elected Chair of HTCC.


Breast cancer patients asked for my help in creating a local event to honor breast cancer patients, survivors and loved ones. Physicians and other community leaders joined patients on an hour long hike up Badger hill carrying pink balloons. Patients have asked for resources to help them integrate back into the community after cancer treatments. I spear-headed formation of a nonprofit survivor organization. We are in the process of getting grants for this.

2012- Present

Young physicians working in large health systems within WA state have seen their employment contracts renegotiated to incorporate metrics for quality. I have become the go-to person for helping young physicians get information available via our AMA and specialty societies.

I hosted a biweekly call-in radio show “CancerChat with Dr. Rege” where our goal was to encourage healthy behavior such as promoting screenings, encouraging community members to get insurance coverage, debunk myths about cancer and treatments, etc.

A small group of cancer physicians elevated the level of cancer care within our rural community by offering patients virtual app-based technology and was first in the area to secure national accreditation, enroll patients in NIH/NCI research trials, and introduced stereotactic and other newer treatment modalities. We created strategic partnerships with hospital systems to improve patient outcomes and participate in value-based programs.

2012 - 2015

I mentor multiple residents who rotate through the clinic; and have had several residents stay at my home while doing rotations at the local hospital or my clinic.


The company I worked for had an 18 year old contract and long standing relationship with the local hospitals. This was terminated without cause; and my partner and I elected to remain practicing in town. We transitioned from working with the hospitals to a small group (3 physicians). We did not have student loans which enabled us to get a bank loan to begin our own private practice clinic.

Patients approached me about financial hardships they were incurring. I helped one community member establish a 501-3C nonprofit which they named “Northwest Cancer Foundation”. This foundation has successfully obtained a Susan Komen grant; and partners with the American Cancer Society to provide funding for co-pays, medications, wigs, transportation and other sources.


A local hospital updated medical staff bylaws that were more prohospital. I was contacted by physicians on Medical Executive Committee regarding this delicate situation. I was able to facilitate the process whereby the Chief of Staff and WA State Medical Association helped revise these to make it consistent with AMA model medical staff bylaws.

Young local surgeons felt that hospital mandatory call coverage was getting onerous with physician departures and was not addressed in their employment contracts. As a member of the surgical medical staff, I was approached for help and guidance. I attended meetings and together we worked through to resolve this. Thereafter I was asked if I would accept a nomination for Chief of Surgery but this would have taken away time from my practice and declined.


As an advisory board member to a nonprofit think tank within WA state, I was the lead physician in developing and planning a symposium on medical homes. I developed content, made recommendations for speakers, and facilitated the session as a moderator. The audience included physicians, hospitals, large employers, and insurers.


A rural health clinic decided to replace their primary care physicians with PA/ARNP. When several young physicians approached me for help; I was able to work through the medical society to chair a task force with other physicians to successfully reverse this decision. These young physicians were able to remain at the clinic.


Young Physicians approached the medical society for help with EMR interoperability issues related to multiple local hospitals, labs, and imaging centers. I was tasked with the creation and made Chair of a county-wide task force involving administrators, community members, and physicians. We successfully ensure that all local medical information was shared through a common access point based on our recommendations.

Community Service and Volunteer Work:

  • Boys and Girls Club mentorship
  • Cancer Prevention Programs including Rise Above Cancer
  • Co-Founder, Leadership/Business series for physicians, a mini-MBA
  • UW Book Club on recognizing implicit bias
  • Women Networking Group, Athena Alliance
  • Mentor, University of Washington Foster School of Business Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) startup accelerator program